Own New’s Rate Reducer

Looking to buy a new home but want to lower your monthly mortgage payments?

Tackle the cost of living crisis with a reduced rate mortgage, saving you up to £500 per month*

  Own New’s Rate Reducer makes your beautiful new home a reduced rate reality. The scheme is available to first-time buyers and existing homeowners, making it possible to buy a brand new home with access to competitive mortgage rates. It’s a regular mortgage, just with lower monthly payments for the initial period.

How to Get Started: 

  • Speak with City & Country’s friendly sales advisors to discover which developments and homes are eligible for the Own New Rate Reducer scheme, and choose the perfect home for you.
  • City & Country will connect you with an accredited independent broker, who will provide advice on the Own New Rate Reducer scheme. The broker will help you find the best mortgage fit for your situation.
  • Seek Independent Advice: Customers should always seek independent mortgage advice before making a final decision.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity to reduce your mortgage interest rate and make homeownership more affordable with City & Country’s Own New Rate Reducer.

The Own New Rate Reducer is just one of many customer incentives available on selected City & Country homes. To learn more, speak with our sales advisors at your chosen development.


Own New Rate Reducer

The Own New Rate Reducer operates in collaboration with house builders and lenders to decrease the total costs associated with mortgage loans for new build properties. This reduction is made possible by contributions from City & Country towards the mortgage costs, allowing mortgage lenders to provide purchasers with more competitive interest rates for the initial term of their mortgage on City & Country Homes.

Makes your beautiful new home a reduced rate reality

The Own New Rate Reducer is available to both first-time buyers and current homeowners looking to move. It offers a straightforward and improved approach to securing a mortgage with a reduced interest rate.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve your dream City & Country home
  • Affordable Deposit
  • Lower monthly mortgage payments initially*
  • Expert Guidance with independent brokers to assist you
  • Peace of Mind with 10-year warranty
  • Energy Efficiency: Benefit from an energy-efficient new-build
  • Save money for what matters most to you


Terms & Conditions

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