Weddings at Bramshill House

Weddings at Bramshill House

Historic venues have their own incredible story to tell; opening up locations to a new audience of people whilst preserving their historic past.  This has been successfully achieved at Wasing Park locally, and at other internationally renowned historic mansions such as Blenheim Palace, Farnham Castle and Brickwall House in East Sussex.

Our heritage experts have confirmed that Bramshill House can be repurposed for weddings and events with minimal changes to the historic mansion, and in line with the changes proposed by the previous residential application approved by the Planning Inspector, namely the introduction of bathrooms and toilets which would allow for overnight stays. The transformation to a wedding venue would follow a sustained period of extensive repairs to both the outside of Bramshill House and its rare and opulent interiors. Taking this approach will also maintain optionality for the future use of the mansion as a single residential property.

As part of these works, Hazley Lodges would be restored and used as further wedding guest accommodation.

The following images demonstrate how Bramshill House could be successfully transformed into a wedding venue.

Existing ground floor
Existing first floor
Proposed ground floor
Proposed first floor