Filming at Bramshill House


Bramshill House and the Park has already provided the backdrop for prestigious film and television series including lower budget productions, major streaming series and feature films. Bramshill would be joining a long list of notable estates used by the film industry, such as Danson House and Hatfield House.

The remaining Police College buildings, such as Foxley Hall and Dixon Hall, would be repurposed for use in connection with both the wedding and filming use/s, such as prop rooms, workshops, wardrobe, rehearsal spaces, catering space and offices, as well as used as providing sets for filming locations in their own right. These buildings are ideal to form the support buildings for filming in Bramshill House and the wider landscape.  It is the range of buildings that make this location popular for filming, as well as providing employment for a creative and specialised industry not far from Pinewood and other major studios. The use of the House and landscape for this purpose provides income to support the upkeep of the extensive heritage assets on site.

Drawing showing how Reading Avenue will be reinstated

Artist impression of the reinstated Reading Avenue looking away from Bramshill House (from south to north)


Artist impression of the reinstated Reading Avenue looking towards Bramshill House (from north to south)


Aerial sketch of the filming area around Bramshill House