Factory No.1 is the perfect city centre home for first time buyer

Factory No.1 is the perfect city centre home for first time buyer

When covid-19 struck in 2020, events producer Georgina Burden had to revaluate her career and living situation. Moving to Bath to support her grandmother through the pandemic, the 37-year-old decided to settle down in the south-west for good, purchasing a two-bedroom apartment at Factory No.1, City & Country’s development at the gateway to Bedminster.

Georgina explains: “I’ve lived all over the world, from Germany to New York to London, but when the pandemic started, I moved to Bath to be with my grandmother. I got a new job locally which I love and decided that it was a good time to buy my own home.

“I had always loved Bristol and had been considering setting down roots here for a few years. The pandemic gave me a reason to start my home buying journey.

“My partner spotted Factory No.1 in late 2020, but I never dreamed it would be in my price point looking at the specification and build quality, let alone the fascinating heritage of the conversion buildings. I was delighted when I saw that Help to Buy was available.”

Georgina had her heart set on the first apartment she was shown at Factory No.1, explaining: “The home I am in now was the first I viewed: nothing compared to it both here and elsewhere. I knew I needed to have it, so I reserved the following morning. The whole process thereafter happened very quickly – from viewing to moving in took just four months – and I couldn’t be happier.”

Speaking about her new home, Georgina says: “My apartment is in Consort House, the first conversion building at Factory No.1. It has high ceilings and massive windows; everyone who visits me is completely taken aback by the space, as photos just didn’t do it justice. I have done some minor decorations, such as putting pictures and shelves on the walls, but I want the space to speak for itself as the finish by City & Country is so well done already. It’s rare to live somewhere like this, it’s such a special building, I feel very lucky to live here.”

A new collection of conversion apartments like Georgina’s has just launched at Factory No.1, it’s the final historic building to be restored and given a new lease of life. A wide variety of new and conversion homes are currently available.