Tricks to maximising space in homes

Tricks to maximising space in homes by Georgia Tarn,

Interior Design Manager at City & Country

We all love having plenty of living space. It’s one of the top considerations for people buying new homes.

Space gives you room to breathe. It allows you to make the most of being together – or apart – whether that’s cooking, socialising, or even catching up on your favourite TV series.

So, to help you make the most of the space you’ve got, I’ve created some handy tips that we use when designing our beautiful City & Country homes.

  1. One trick that we recommend is the use of large wall mirrors, as this is a great way to bounce daylight around a space, making it feel open and fresh. Light is important no matter what time of day it is, which is why a thoughtfully designed lighting scheme to brighten the house during the evenings is key in the home.
  2. Storage is important, especially in tight bedrooms. Always try to incorporate as much storage as possible, with multiple drawer bedside tables and shelving, as this will help keep your home tidy and maximise those little areas that seem bare. If this isn’t enough, why not consider the use of full-length mirrors to create the illusion of space above bedside tables and behind the door.
  3. Maximising height or creating this perception is essential, which can be achieved by hanging large pieces of artwork or mirrors. Within your bedroom, large bespoke headboards can also draw the eye upward and create perceived space, especially in rooms that are slightly smaller.
  4. The final trick that we use to maximise those spare open spaces, is to use an accent chair. Ensure to invest in a chair that has a design on an open frame, as opposed to a solid arm, as this will make that open space feel bright and colourful.

The quirkier the space, the more fun you can have with design elements to make the room feel larger, whilst making it feel homely. We can assure you that these little tricks will help you to make the most of the space around you, whether that’s now or in the future.

At City & Country, during our projects working to refurbish and build new homes, we take great pride in making individual spaces, often of varying and unique sizes, work for modern day life.

Why not have a look at some of our spacious new build properties and converted heritage homes on our website here.