Introducing a new way to buy with City & Country

You can now purchase your dream City & Country home with lower interest rate mortgages over a fixed period, enabling you to have lower monthly payments.

We are passionate about supporting homeowners at all stages of life and providing them with high-quality homes, which is why we are excited to partner with the Own New Rate Reducer Scheme. It paves the way for more accessible mortgages to even more buyers.

The new Own New Rate Reducer Mortgage allows you to purchase any one of our new build homes*. Our specialist team will then connect you with an Own New independent financial advisor to go through your affordability and can determine whether it is the right scheme for you.

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose your dream City & Country home – Speak with our friendly sales team at any one of our developments to find out which homes are eligible for the Own New Rate Reducer Scheme.

Step 2: Connect with our trusted new homes mortgage advisors – Once you’ve found your dream home, we’ll put you in touch with our trusted mortgage advisors to guide you through the application process.

Step 3: Apply for your Reduced Rate Mortgage – After you’ve spoken to your dedicated mortgage advisor, they’ll let you know whether you qualify for a reduced rate mortgage. After you’ve been approved, we will contribute up to 5%** towards the purchase price and give it directly to your lender.

Step 4: Let us know you’ve been successful – After you’ve had your mortgage approved, let us know and we can progress with your house purchase.

Final step 5: Own 100% of your new home – Once the purchase has gone through, depending on the status of your house build, you could either move in straight away or wait for the build of your new home to be complete.

We have a range of other incentives to support your homebuying journey. For more details, contact the team today.

*Only on selected plots
**Terms and conditions do apply.