City & Country unveils ambitious growth plans over the next five years.

In addition to increasing the number of specialist restoration and conversion projects, other plans include doubling turnover to £200m and tripling the number of homes completed each year.

This is an exciting time for City & Country. Whilst we have cautious optimism for the UK property market over the next year, we are well positioned to invest in prime land in key areas and to recruit new talent. To meet our ambitious growth targets, we need to build in the most desirable locations and ensure we have the right team available to build the best homes in the country. We will also further increase investment in delivering excellent customer service.

Over the past two years, turnover has more than doubled to nearly £100m, profitability is up, and our workforce has grown by almost 20%. Despite the challenging market conditions, we continue to make headway and see this time as an opportunity to grow. We have recently made several important new land acquisitions, which will add to our existing offer of over 250 properties under construction with a pipeline of a further 1,800 new homes.

Our portfolio is one of the most diverse in the industry, from heritage conversions including former schools, hospitals, factories, and mansions, as well as our rapidly growing new build homes – ranging from city penthouses and modern studio apartments to country mansions and traditional family homes by the coast.

In fact, a key focus for us will be the increase in new-build developments in the coming years. Every one of our new homes guarantees traditional build standards and design in superb locations. There will always be a demand for high-quality homes, and right now there is a shortage of well-designed, aesthetically pleasing new homes in locations where people want to live.

Our mission is to create beautiful places that people are proud to call home – be that a converted apartment in an iconic city centre building or a carefully crafted new home in a thoughtfully designed development.

In summary, our five-year plan is one of growth, investment, optimism, and the delivery of superb new homes where people love to live.