Graduate Quantity Surveyor

City & Country are a modern, forward thinking and award winning developer that undertake complex, challenging and exciting residential projects. Committed to excellence, we specialise in restoring and converting historical properties into unique dwellings of exceptional merit and character, and construct new homes alongside these schemes.

Locations: Bristol and Head Office

Summary/Purpose of Job:

  • To create, deliver and continually improve both financial and contractual control of projects in order to achieve the Departmental and Corporate Objectives.
  • To utilise the existing business control procedures and engender/encourage improvements to same wherever practicable to do so.

Experience Required:

  • To be working towards a recognised qualification in quantity surveying and/or construction management.
  • To have a basic, practical and demonstrable knowledge of quantity surveying duties and procedures.
  • To have a basic, practical and demonstrable knowledge of construction methodology.
  • To have a basic understanding of the various types of construction contracts.
  • To have a basic understanding and appreciation of the importance of Health & Safety.
  • To be financially aware (cost management).
  • To be computer literate i.e. Word, Excel, Email.

Specific tasks/responsibilities will include:

  • To be the company’s ‘Ambassador’
  • To closely liaise with the project buyer to deputise and ensure that they are always made aware of any decisions/requirements/information that may relate to their duties which they have not been party to.
  • To assist the technical co-ordinator in advising on possibly contra-charges to consultants due to any amendments and valuing any potential changes being made.
  • To produce and maintain subcontractor procurement schedule for each project, ensuring that all trades are made available for the project team to engage in the required duties to meet the programme and quality requirements.
  • To assist the project surveyor in the production of a monthly project cost report and forecast for each project, ensuring that expenditure remains within budget, highlighting and explaining any variances.
  • To obtain three suitable references to satisfy the requirements of the project team for any shortlisted sub-contractors that have not previously engaged in business within the group.
  • To arrange, chair and document all pre-order meetings carried out with sub-contractors to be appointed on the relevant project.
  • To complete in sufficient detail a sub-contractor recommendation form for approval by the project surveyor in accordance with the key interaction stages.
  • To ensure that site visits are carried out regularly and efficiently to assist in identifying potential problems and agreeing/concluding sub-contract procurement and package management in an efficient manner.
  • To supply and ad-hoc cost advice that may be required by other departments.
  • To source new and alternative sub-contractors to improve commercial terms and or quality.
  • To ensure that all new sub-contract orders are fully completed in accordance with the commercial procedures and distributed in accordance with the company procedures and do not put the company at risk.
  • To manage and organise the authorising process of sub-contractor invoices in accordance with company procedures and the authority levels.
  • Assist in maintaining an up to date list of all sub-contractors and pricing arrangements to ensure the company achieves the most favourable commercial terms.
  • Highlight to your manager or other departmental mangers areas within the company and our group where you believe other savings could be made.
  • To monitor the performance of sub-contractors and the products used to ensure that they meet the required standards and are in accordance with the order.
  • To update and maintain the departmental pricing book.
  • To keep detailed written records of all meetings involved in and maintain a well organised work schedule.
  • To ensure that all sub-contractor materials being installed into the works are fit for purpose and comply with the relevant British standards.
  • To update and advise the design department of any new products, which may be appropriate and that could influence future or current specification.
  • To maintain effective lines of communication with all staff
  • To assist the process of timely and accurate scheduling from drawings to assist in ensuring that the content of a sub-contract package is well considered and justifiably best value.
  • To continually look at ways of improving systems and procedures within the department.
  • To chair regular meetings with other team members to ensure that effective surveying is taking place, within the relevant parameters.
  • To control the management and completion of relative action points deriving from internal meetings ensuring that where practical items are completed in the time scales identified.
  • To carry out the management of the commercial process to ensure that the company procedures are being adhered to , best value is gained and that there is a good understanding of the procurement position across allocated sites.
  • To periodically review balances of open orders to ensure that where required they are cleared down and projected costs released from the project cost report.
  • To ensure that where sub-contractor drawings are required this is reflected on the procurement schedules and that all drawings are to be submitted to the technical co-ordinator are received in a timely manner allowing sufficient time for checking and approving.
  • To ensure that all site instruction and contra-charge logs are reviewed on a weekly basis to agree with the project production team which ones are to be levied.
  • To ensure that all revised contract documents are issued in writing detailing the changes to the relevant sub-contractor within 72 hrs. of receipt from head office
  • To ensure attendance at the weekly departmental meeting and ensure that an updated procurement schedule is available for discussion
  • To prepare sub-contractor scopes of works on a project basis individual to each trade for agreement with the project manager and inclusion within the main order.
  • Preparation and issue of tender enquiries to sub-contractors, analysis of tenders received and recommendation of sub-contractors for elemental works packages (fixed price and/or schedule of rates basis).
  • To provide the commercial manager with all required information to enable successful conclusion of any contractual claims that may be brought against or the company may decide to bring against defaulting sub-contractors.
  • To negotiate with sub-contractors for elemental works packages (fixed price and/or schedule of rates basis) ensuring that consideration is given not only to what is the most competitive price received but also what is the element of work worth.
  • To Prepare and update/maintain the on-going projected final account for each sub-contractor appointed for the project for approval by the relevant authorities.
  • Prepare and process sub-contractor payments in accordance with the sub-contract terms and conditions.

Personal characteristics required:

  •  Self-motivated and conscientious
  • Ability to prioritise activities and manage a busy and demanding role
  • Organised, self-motivated and conscientious.
  • The ability to prioritise activities and manage a busy and demanding role.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to build and maintain mutually constructive working relationships with other team members.
  • The ability to adapt to an ever-changing role with fluid requirements on a day to day basis.
  • The ability to work under pressure and achieve deadlines.
  • Capability to solve problems whilst remaining focussed on achieving operational results.
  • The ability to motivate other members of the project team.
  • Demonstrating honesty, trustworthiness and dedication.
  • The ability to comply with specific business processes.

Essential Skills/Competencies/Qualifications Required:

  • Good communication skills – both oral and written
  • Good organisational skills.
  • Good problem solving skills.
  • Good negotiation skills.
  • Basic knowledge of cost management skills.
  • Disciplined record keeping.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • High standard of personal presentation.
  • Clean driving licence.

Management Responsibilities:

  1. To ensure that any significant overspend (more that 5% or £5K, whichever is lower) is reported to the relevant Director, your Line Manager and the Finance Manager as soon as it becomes apparent and at least 4 weeks before an order needs to be placed or variation agreed and the commitment to spend made, so that alternatives can be discussed, considered and action taken that minimises spend and does not impact negatively upon the Project Programme. For all items that could not have been foreseen by a diligent experienced professional, such as a latent defect within the building that only becomes apparent once works have commenced and an order already having been placed, then the requirement for 4 weeks’ advance notification will be reduced to 5 working days. The limit of 5% or £5K is to be for single unrelated or unconnected transactions within any one Project Cost Plan cost heading and as described within the Group Authority Manual.
  2. To ensure that all communications with stakeholders are handled properly and in a way in which is consistent with the Vision and Values of the business.
  3. To be responsible for providing the other departments with the necessary information, properly laid out, to enable them to discharge their responsibilities with the maximum of efficiency but at all times making best use of Company resources.

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