West Mersea

Welcome to the Public Consultation pages for West Mersea.

City & Country is in the process of preparing an application that seeks to deliver residential development and community facilities in line with Colchester Borough Council’s emerging Local Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group has also been working to identify the needs and desires of the local community, which they have kindly shared with us. We are here today to discuss the merits of

incorporating these as part of the proposals for Brierley Paddocks and understand the views that you, the local residents, have on the form and location of the proposed development.

Our intention is to submit an Outline Application in the coming months. By submitting it in Outline, the application will look to establish the scale and nature of the development and set the parameters for which the more detailed proposals will be required to conform.

These detailed proposals will be put forward at a later date and will try to take onboard comments from this and further events, as well as those of the key stakeholders including the Town Council,

Local Planning Authority and the Neighbourhood Plan Group, amongst others.

The first consultation event is being held on Wednesday 28th November at Mersea Museum, 4pm – 7pm. The display boards and feedback questionnaires from the event can be found under the documents section.

The current Colchester Borough Council Local Plan is out of date; however, the Council is at an advanced stage in the preparation of a new Local Plan.

The emerging Local Plan identifies West Mersea as one of three Rural District Centres, as it is one of the largest of the Borough’s sustainable settlements that provides essential services and facilities

to both the local community and the surrounding area. The Council considers that West Mersea is suitable for growth during the Plan period up to 2033.

City & Country has promoted Brierley Paddocks as part of Colchester Borough Council’s Local Plan process to address this identified need for development.

At the first stage of the emerging Local Plan process, the site was allocated for 200 dwellings, however, in the second iteration this was reduced.

The emerging Local Plan, now states that the following mixed-use development at Brierley Paddocks will be supported by the Council:

  1. 100 new dwellings of a mix and type of housing to be compatible with surrounding
  2. development
  3. A satisfactory vehicular access
  4. New public open space; and
  5. Community facilities if identified in the Neighbourhood Plan

Residents may be aware that another site in West Mersea has also been proposed for residential development at Dawes Lane for 100 new dwellings; public open space; and recreational facilities. This results in a total allocation of 200 dwellings for West Mersea.

Progress on the emerging Local Plan has stalled due to concerns raised by the Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State regarding justification of the Garden Settlements. Further work is now required by the Council and adoption of the Local Plan is now anticipated to be mid-2020 at the earliest.

In the interim, West Mersea may become vulnerable to speculative applications on other sites, on the basis that the Council must be able to demonstrate a continuous five-year supply of deliverable

housing sites. An early application and grant of consent at Brierley Paddocks could help the local community resist such proposals.

It is recognised that the site is allocated for 100 dwellings in the emerging Local Plan submitted for Examination. However, development for a greater number of houses would ensure the most efficient use of the land, in accordance with national planning policy. The site provides and opportunity for and can accommodate more development than that currently identified in the emerging Local Plan. This position is supported by its initial allocation by the Council for 200 dwellings.