Live Out Your Bridgerton Dreams in These Georgian Lustworthy Homes

Live out your Bridgerton dreams in these Georgian lustworthy homes

Properties in the hit Netflix show have got us all aflutter.

Melissa York chooses some dandy delights

Phwoar, the nation exclaimed as they tuned into Bridgerton, Netflix’s new regency romp. Look at the size of those Doric columns. And what about the chiselling on those ceiling roses? I’ve never seen such gleaming slabs of Bath stone.

At lease that’s what those of us viewing with family members said to distract us from the awkwardness of the period drama’s steamier scenes (we’re looking at you, episode six). Who would have thought a teenage son had such firm opinions on cornicing and wisteria?

It wanst just the series’ romantic entanglements that set our hearts aflutter. It was seeing these palatial residences as they would have been admired and enjoyed in their prime. Characters stride through spacious halls, exchange gossip in the rotunda off the ballroom and sneak down sweeping staircases to break duels in the woodland.

Given the Netflix gloss (and occasional help from special effects), these magisterial garden squares and country houses are rendered in vivid primary colours, with gold-leaf detailing, offset by lurid yellow and pink gowns. It’s glorious – especially in an age obsessed with austerity and balancing the books – to see such wealth and extravagance flaunted in saturated colour.

The Georgians lived through a building boom and they looked to classical architecture from Europe’s ancient empires just as Great Britain rose to be the world’s dominant colonial power.

It was an era of excess and confidence and it shows int eh splendour in which society chose to live.

And whilse many were lost after the Second World War, Georgian houses still speak to an aspirational buyer who admires the architecture of the ambitious. So here are some swoon-worthy properties in which to live out your Bridgerton dreams…


Kent, £2 million

In Bromley, this exquisite country house, pictured in the opening image, fashioned in the form of a Renaissance temple, is set in sculptured gardens and woodland walks. Inside, a 3,500 sq ft, two-bedroom duplex flat is on sale, which includes the mansion’s original circular timber wine cellar.

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