First Time Buyer Finds Home at Factory No.1

First Time Buyer Finds Home at Factory No.1

With a move to Bristol always on the cards for 27-year old Alex Winn, the building surveyor decided to skip renting and go straight to buying his first home. Having spent a few years saving, Alex’s search led him to Factory No.1, City & Country’s latest development in Bristol.

Alex explains: “I grew up in Weston-Super-Mare, but a lot of my life has revolved around Bristol, so my plan was always to move here. I read my master’s degree at the university, I have lots of friends across the city and I work here too, so it made sense. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay with my parents while I saved, which allowed me to put away far more money than if I’d moved sooner and rented.”

Located on East Street, Factory No.1 lies at the gateway to Bedminster and exudes history with its buildings, once the headquarters of Imperial Tobacco, being some of the most distinctive in Bristol. It was this which first attracted Alex to the development over other new builds in the city, saying: “I planned on using Help to Buy as it meant my budget would go further, so spent ages looking at different new build developments around the city. When I came across Factory No.1 not long after its launch last year, it caught my eye as being something far more interesting.”

“Anything this quality that I had looked at before was much further out of Bristol. The finish of the homes City & Country has created here is exceptional – my one-bedroom flat is a huge space and the ceilings and large windows make it feel so spacious.

“The location is also a huge draw for me. My commute has dropped from over an hour by train or in the car to a short walk into Redcliffe. I’ve spent time around North Street and its amenities before, so being able to live so close to it is exciting and I can’t wait to explore further.”

Alex got his keys at the end of March, overlapping with social distancing measures being implemented. Ahead of the curve, City & Country had developed video software to enable people moving in to do so while keeping apart. Alex says: “Lockdown came in just as I was about to complete, meaning I couldn’t have a home demonstration by a person. However, the video I was sent to explain the key points of my home was extremely comprehensive and covered everything I needed it to. I never felt distanced from the sales team as they were always in contact and always reachable. I couldn’t have asked for more from them in the situation, they were brilliant.”