Fae and Howard Kinsey Enjoy City Life at The General

Fae and Howard Kinsey Enjoy City Life at The General

With retirement on the horizon, Fae and Howard Kinsey were looking to balance their idyllic rural home on the Gower Peninsula with a taste of vibrant city life.

The couple have family in Bristol and with the prospect of more spare time on their hands, they wanted a weekend retreat in the city to enjoy all that it has to offer. Fae explains:

“At this stage of our lives, the chance to enjoy more of one of the most exciting British cities was too good to miss. We wanted to live in the centre of the city so that we could experience everything Bristol has to offer within easy walking distance.”

Their aspirations were realised when they discovered The General, the Grade II listed former Bristol General Hospital that has been meticulously restored and converted by heritage expert City & Country.

A Bristol landmark, The General’s historic façade faces the waterfront, whilst inside contemporary homes blend style and comfort. Discussing the historic building, Fae says:

“The conversion of The General is very luxurious, from the décor and furnishings to the stunning quality of the workmanship and design. We felt that this amazing undertaking was unique and the opportunity to buy a new apartment in a historic building with unique architectural features was highly attractive for us. When people ask me about my apartment, I encourage them to look up The General knowing that they will be really impressed with a truly unique restoration. I feel proud to belong to such a beautiful part of Bristol’s heritage.”

The couple’s top-floor apartment overlooks the Bathurst Basin, offering them tranquil views and a space to relax after a long day exploring Bristol’s bustling streets. They are now looking forward to making the most of the central location and enjoying all that Bristol has to offer.

“We are looking forward to being spontaneous and experiencing everything Bristol has to offer in the way of theatre, restaurants, local attractions, museums and shops. At the same time, our apartment is in a quiet location which suits our needs perfectly.” says Howard.

He continues:

“The best aspect of buying from City & Country was the competence they portrayed – their professionalism as renovators of historic and interesting buildings and their attention to detail is second to none. They show such dedication and have such confidence to deliver what they are ultimately going to achieve that we simply felt exhilarated and excited to be a part of this unique development.”