After 50 Years Abroad, Richard Finch Finds The Perfect Home In Bristol

After 50 Years Abroad, Richard Finch Finds The Perfect Home In Bristol

Richard Finch had lived abroad for over 50 years before he returned to the UK to be closer to his daughter‘s family who live in Bristol.

Whilst abroad, Richard lived in a very modern property which had plate glass external walls offering sunlight from dawn to dusk. He was keen to find a similarly contemporary home in Bristol. After looking at properties close to the harbour, he opted for a stunning apartment at The Iron Foundry, a contemporary new building that forms part of The General. The building is encased in steel and glass, providing an abundance of natural light to each apartment, and Richard loved its high-quality architectural design.

He explains:
“I worked in the oil and gas industry and had been overseas since 1980, living in the Netherlands, Venezuela, Niger, Oman and Bangladesh and travelling to many locations all over the world such as Alaska, Peru, Australia, China and Russia. After a very interesting and adventurous life, I thought it was time to come back to the UK.

“I had looked at other developments on the river, and along the harbour, but they didn’t have the same design-appeal of The Iron Foundry. They seemed not to be of the same high-quality specification or had so much light.

“The driving factor was to find an ultra-modern property, built to the latest specification, and primarily one with plenty of daylight and glass windows. The only place in Bristol that met my criteria was The Iron Foundry. In my living area I have 13 plate glass windows from floor to ceiling and five in the two bedrooms, so I get sunshine from sunrise to sunset! City & Country has managed to blend the old and the new – it’s a modern building on an historical site.”

The Iron Foundry is moments from the city centre, yet in a peaceful area of its own. It is also at the centre of a vibrant social scene, thanks to the restaurants Casamia, Pi Shop and Paco Tapas, that form part of the development. Richard adds:

“I could see that the area was up and coming with a lot of investment taking place in the locality. There’s a lot of social life in the area and we’ve got the sophisticated nightlife of Casamia restaurant, Paco Tapas and several good pubs – such as the Ostrich Inn. There is always activity going on, with people walking by on the pavement or in boats or kayaks in the marina which makes you feel integrated and part of the community and never alone. The supermarket is close by and is open nearly 24/7. There are many bus routes close by and Temple Meads Rail Station and Bus Station is in walking distance, with Bristol Airport 30 minutes away.”

There are now just two remaining properties available to buy in the Iron Foundry at The General,Bristol. Prices from £745,000 to £755,000.

Prices at The General from £525,000 to £895,000 | 01179 255 333