Tim Sargeant

“The business which was started by my father and uncle has been transformed from its humble beginnings as a ground-working contractor into a leading specialist in the restoration and conversion of historic and listed buildings. City & Country takes great pride in delivering a product that benefits both current and future generations by restoring old architectural gems for future posterity, whilst delivering exceptional growth and excellent financial results."

The City & Country team is very fortunate to work on projects every day that most people would consider to be a once in a life time opportunity. This drives incredible passion, creativity, resourcefulness and hard work from our own team and our partners. Whilst cherishing good family values, we have invested in creating a structure that is set for growth and a professional, experienced management team with complementary skills who have demonstrated exceptional performance. We also recognise the importance that excellent communication and social skills play in creating a great team.

Our aim is to embrace the best of larger corporate organisations, while still retaining the fast- paced entrepreneurial flair, creativity and caring attributes of a successful family business. We want winners to join our team or to partner with; people who are serious about being the best, both individually and very importantly as part of our team too. All in a respectful environment where we can have fun and celebrate our successes together.”