Hidden history of former KEVII hospital in uncovered

Finds dating back to 1912 have been uncovered by specialist developers City & Country who are converting the historic former King Edward VII hospital at Midhurst.

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The building was officially opened by King Edward VII in 1906 as a sanatorium caring for tuberculosis sufferers. When it was designed, it was heralded as a big step forward in the treatment of the sick, where the importance of reset, relaxation, fresh air and light were given great weight.

More than 100 years after it opened, City & Country are now breathing life into the historic, listed buildings of the former hospital.
And during the restoration work the developers have found many mementos of its earlier life.

Among the finds were a range of cigarette boxes found hidden away under the floorboards of the attic spaces. These historic brands Players Medium from the 1920’s and also known as Players Navy, as well as Kensitas and Gold Flake.

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Other finds include a 1912 issue of Punch magazine stuffed in loft space, a Doulton foot warmer and a 1963 darts trophy from the Keepers Pub at Trotton.

Design and restoration Director Simon Vernon-Harcourt said: “The items give a rare glimpse into different eras and we’d like to ensure they find a new home where they can be viewed by the public. We’re looking for an appropriate museum".