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Welcome to City & Country, a genuinely unique and award-winning business. Our projects are quite exceptional and we therefore need a first class team to deliver them.

We have become the developer of choice when it comes to conserving, restoring and breathing new life and purpose into some of Britain’s most outstanding heritage assets, and we are immensely proud of the enviable reputation we have forged. The Group is very well established, celebrating 50 years in 2012 and has been specialising in creating outstanding homes and places from these majestic properties for over 30 years, but our remarkable journey has a considerable way to go.

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"My greatest sense of pride and inspiration though is saved for the wonderful team we have retained, recruited, developed and promoted over the years. Their passion, commitment, drive, enthusiasm, teamwork and sense of fun make City & Country a really special place to work and allow us to excel." Helen Moore, Managing Director

City & Country is looking for both practical and academic, enthusiastic, talented, hard-working and forward thinking individuals, partners and companies to join us on our successful journey, to assist us in delivering the award winning schemes of today and the future. We can offer you an extremely rewarding line of work, that can push your career and business to new levels; it can be exciting, exhilarating, but most importantly, be something you are proud to be involved in.

City & Country Corporate Brochure

City & Country Corporate Brochure

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